Who are you and how did you get into e-sports?

My name is Ellen Simu, I live in Boden in the northern part of Sweden. I have always been playing games, but one and a half year ago I asked my former boyfriend if I could borrow his old PC and try the game CS:GO. He geared me up and I was on track.

Which games do you compete in and what’s your team?

My main game is Counterstrike Global offensive (CS:GO) and I’m playing in a female team under the organization Wyvern eSports. Together we are practicing aprox. 3-5 times/week, four hours each time. Sometimes more and sometimes less. But I’m also playing other games a side of CS:GO, H1Z1/The Division/BF4

When and where is your next competition?

In less then a week, we’ll be in Copenhagen for the annual edition of Copenhagen games. There we’ll face female teams from the whole world. But before that we’ll spend three days in Stockholm at our sponsor Qpads head office for a bootcamp.

What are your advices to girls that want to get involved in e-sports?

To be in this business, you need to have some ruff skin at your nose. It’s a man dominated area and we girls need too stick together and show a truly genuine interest. And it’s important that you’re not in to it just for the sake of attention.

Can you combine high level e-sporting with “a normal life”?

Haha… A normal life, what is that nowadays? Of course it works. I work 8-5 five days a week. Have a household that need too be maintained, friends that I wanna spend time with and other interests I like too keep. Everything is possible if you have the will to do it!