Competitions & Events

Live competitions will be scheduled in Boden and Luleå as soon as equipment and venues are prepared. During the spring we will focus on establishing the mixed teams. There are no cash prices for the first ranked competitions, they are meant as practice for new teams, evaluating new software and to build a stable structure and system for the autumn season start.

Open competitions will be scheduled later on.

Please register yourself and your team as soon as possible. If you need more members to your team, please check out this page. The registration for each competition will open one week before it begins.



2016-0x-xx E-sport introduction to parents – Workshop in Boden
2016-0x-xx E-sport introduction to parents – Workshop in Luleå

2016-0x-xx Start your own Youtube channel – Workshop

2016-0x-xx – 2016-07-03 NESA E-SPORT SUMMER CAMP

And more…