Frequently Asked Questions

What is Norrbotten E-sport Arena (NESA) about?

NESA will provide competitions, leagues and different kind of events in e-sport. During first year primary focus is to establish continuos live competitions in Luleå and Boden and then for step two to include all parts of Norrbotten.


Who is NESA for?

NESA is open for everyone interested in e-sport. Boys and girls of any age.


Do you have to live in Norrbotten to join?

No, anyone can join NESA, but most competitions will be played live, at least the final rounds. So to join the competitions and events it’s convenient to not be too far from Norrbotten.


Why do you only do mixed competitions in the beginning?

An important part of NESA is to include more woman in e-sport. We want men and woman to compete together. We want men to invite women to their teams and women to invite men, instead of keeping it separate. This is not how the world of e-sport look today, but we want to change that. Mixed genders is a long term win-win for everyone.


We don’t know any girls for our team, what can we do?

First of all, ask girls in your surrounding that are interested in gaming. Teach them. Show them the beauty of e-sport. Practice together and soon you will play like any other team. If you don’t know any girls, try to attend the social events or ask in the forums.


Will you only do mixed competitions? 

Only in the beginning. When the season starts, there will be a league for both mixed and “open” teams.


My parents say I already play too much, what can I say?

There will be a few workshops for parents that have concerns about serious dedication to e-sport. Tell them to attend one of these.


I’m very interested in e-sport, can I be a part of the NESA team?

We need more enthusiasts to help. If you want to contribute, please contact andreas@snowgarden.se


Will there be any bigger events with LAN?

Yes. We are currently discussing this with sponsors and collaborators. More information later. But the main focus of NESA is competitions, not LAN or casual gaming.


Why is everything in English?

All static information and stuff about competitions will be in English due to the reason that we want to collaborate with other countries in the future. Also to be more open to people in Sweden that don’t talk Swedish. Some of the news and temporary things will be in Swedish. To make the website contain both Swedish and English may be a future solution.


I don’t have a good enough computer for playing the games, can I borrow one?

Our goal is to provide high-end gaming computers for live competitions, workshops and events. These will occasionally be available for practice but not to take home. There will eventually be a forum for second-hand computers.


Who is working with NESA?

NESA is created by Snow Garden and aim to eventually be a non-profit association run by e-sport enthusiasts. Funding for first year of startup is made by Luleå Kommun and Boden Kommun. The project manager of NESA is Andreas Harnemo.


Please ask your own questions to andreas@snowgarden.se